About Us
Sor Kimya, for over 36 years of experience in the chemistry and metal finishing industry,has been carrying out its activities in Turkey,situated in Ikitelli /Istanbul.Established in 1984 and has grown to become the leading Turkey based global distributor of the specialty metal finishing & plating chemicals.

In our premises,holding over 1500 square-meters of land & 4000 square-meters of manufacturing plant, begins operations with two warehouses,Technical Service,Research & Development and Laboratory within the structure of our company.

Our company has always been running in its own field so as to be able to offer the right product at a cost efficient price,with the knowledge of years acquired and with its own professional team,who pays utmost attention to after-sales service & information flow.

We aim to offer services to the clients through our dynamic & investigative team,acting as a reliable & consistent firm in the metal finishing chemicals industry.

Our activities related to the metal finishing & plating industry have been developing technologically as the time passing by,whilst Emerging Research& Development Team continues their studies in the light of the years of experience in order to raise the standards and provide cost effective rates through maintenance of the quality of the product.

Ultimately, having appointed as an exclusive distributor for Herbert Schmidt Gmbh,German-based company,we`ve accomplished our best service objective and extended our product range of metal plating & finishing chemicals.

Furthermore, an italian company, Aemmecolori, who granted distributorship of the epoxy paints in particular,was founded in 1947 on a 6500 square meters land with its manufacturing plant around 4000 square meters,supplying us the chemicals for use in the plating industry.

Aemmecolori, colloborated formerly with the known firms in Turkey,has combined its line in the turkish market with Sor Kimya about the epoxy paints through wide range of products and alternative colours.

Our products,with an excellent covering characteristics on the zips cursors & buttons and our high quality paints,with a long-term durability and extra brightness, have still been drawing more attention in the textile accessories industry thanks to their extensive colour options. The advantages offered by the products provide our clients competitiveness in the metal finishing industry.


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